If you recently bought a home, congratulations! That’s a huge accomplishment, and it’s worth celebrating.

While you’re excited about your new purchase, picking up all your precious commodities and moving to another location isn’t a picnic in the park. You’re excited about the change, but some anxiety and confusion might creep in. 

If you’re ready to pick up and go, here are six things to make moving less intimidating.

Keep a Robust Checklist 

Preparation is always a good thing when moving into a new home. This might mean working with a checklist of what needs to get done.

You will need to go from room to room and cupboard to cupboard to determine what needs to be added to the list. The entire family needs to get involved, as there’s much to add to your list. 

As these items are collected and organized in boxes, check them off. This way, you know where you are with packing, and nothing important gets overlooked. 

Get Rid of Items You Don’t Need

If you’ve been holding on to items you should have thrown out years ago, now is your moment. As you sort through things, toss out old clothing, those that no longer fit, or items you don’t want.

Moving into a new home is all about change. Sometimes it pays to leave certain old things behind to make way for new ones. 

You may consider donating items you don’t need to charity, so someone who needs these things can use them.

Take Care of Repairs 

If you’ve taken on the responsibility of repairs and renovations, have these done before moving in. Living in a room undergoing repairs can be stressful for young children and pets.

Depending on the gravity or severity of the repairs, it may even be dangerous. Ensure repairs are tackled in good order before, not after moving in.

Get Your Utilities Connected

You don’t want to move into your new home in darkness or without important utilities. 

About two weeks before moving in, make sure to have these amenities to feel comfortable in your new abode.

Your utilities include all the basics you enjoy now, including heat, electricity, Wi-Fi, and water.

Get a Good Moving Company

Even if you have everything prepared and done to the letter, things could easily fall apart without a good moving company.

If you have heavy equipment and furniture but don’t have the appropriate transportation tools, get help from a moving company.

If you’re not moving to a distant area, you may get away with moving certain small items using your automobile. But I’d suggest leaving the big, heavy stuff to movers, especially if you aren’t in a position to.

Take Your Time

You will get the urge to do everything after moving into your new home. Resist this urge. Take your time. Allow yourself to breathe and feel settled. 

You just went through the laborious process of buying and moving into a new home. Give yourself time to restore your energy and rest.

Have your items locked in a room where they won’t be a bother, and even if you have boxes lying around, don’t worry about them.

The goal is to regain your strength and feel good before putting everything where it should be.

This isn’t an exhaustive list of tips to consider before moving, but it’ll get you on the right track. Keep a checklist of everything you need to take, throw out what you don’t need, and handle repairs before moving into your new home. Have your utilities connected, get help from a moving company, and take your time.

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